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The Art of Sensual Massage

Traveling to California to learn this loving form of hand-to-hand comfort

Let’s be clear. This post about erotic massage and erotic massage instruction is not meant to be the sexual, impersonal pornographic experiences found in abundance on the web. This is a post about a couple’s journey into exploring their relationship deeper.

Touch is a vibrant, sensate connection. Relaxing your body into any massage style (Swedish massage, hot stone massage, acupressure massage, erotic massage) offers an energizing synapse-firing experience for muscles, mind and soul. Every massage should begin with relaxing muscle sets to dis-engaging the brain to total relaxation.

relax the mind, then the body Experiencing and learning erotic massage instruction is a couple’s journey into growing together in touch and intimacy – for a deeper bond and connection between each other.

We visited Living Waters Spa in California and interviewed the owners, Jeff and Judy, both accredited massage therapists. We sought to understand the variations in massage treatments they offer at the Living Waters Spa on the path to understanding what is an erotic massage?

Unwind your body & relax into the massage experience

Arriving at the Living Waters Clothing Optional Mineral Water Spa, your relaxation experience begins with the zen-ness of simple relaxation in a minimalist desert setting. Sinking textile-free into the silky soft mineral waters of their pool and spa moves you further along your relaxation journey. Hour by hour your body unkinks as desert temperatures continue to rise and your muscles relax.

Your massage experience can begin solo or as a couple. Or take a couples class or workshop to further explore sensual touch with your partner in a learning environment, such as an erotic massage workshop. Stay a few days to unwind and connect with your partner and take a walk through the sensate options of their massage menu.

Living Waters massages

The spa at the Living WatersCharacterized by long strokes and a medium pressure, your muscles relax into the touch of the flowing strokes as tensions are drawn away. Enjoy 60 or 90 minutes of full body, neck, scalp massage lulling your mind and mind body while enlivening healing blood flow. Whether this is solo or as a couple’s side-by-side massage, deep, unfettered relaxation is the goal.

For a unique twist to their signature massage, try their 4-hand massage. Two massage therapists synchronize their efforts with four hands, teasing the stress out of your muscles and guiding you into deep relaxation … tandem, long stroke, and multi-hand muscled relaxation … delicious attention!

Couples instructional massages

This is a one-on-one training for couples to begin to learn the major muscle sets and how to massage each other into deep relaxation. The only touch that happens here is between you and your partner, practicing the long strokes, attending to the muscle sets and finding the tightened zones. After the session, couples swap places and the massaged becomes the massagee for the other to learn those wonderful technics and return the favor.

As men and women differ in their need for pressure point relief and muscle relaxation, Jeff and Judy teach how cater to your partner’s needs during massage. If you invest the time to learn, pay close attention and reap the relaxing rewards for you AND your partner.

Couples intimacy coaching

learning to communicate by touchTake the Couples Instruction Massage and nudge your intention a notch higher in this unique, monogamous journey to understanding your body’s triggers and excitement spots. This is a non-threatening, non-“O” journey to learn how to touch, focus attention and deliver relaxation with slow, intentional touches. Jeff and Judy are the instructors (fully certified in massage therapy technics) who demonstrate on each other as you practice on your partner to find the excitement zones while honing in on your partner’s signals.

This couples erotic massage Instruction is delivered as a booked session with just you and your partner and Jeff and Judy, or as a weekend workshop (held a few times per year) as a class with other couples looking to explore the journey of touch together – monogamously. Sessions are broken into a “hers” journey as she relaxes into the touch of her partner – then a break before the “partner’s” journey begins. These take-home skills are designed to encourage deeper exploration of your partner’s relaxation for your intimacy of connection.

Book a couples massage instruction getaway

Deep in the warmth of the Palms Springs area, anytime is the time to visit the Living Waters Spa. As a couple looking to unwind and reconnect, follow the steps below to begin your journey:

  • relax and unwind at the Living Waters SpaEnjoy the California warmth year round at the Living Waters Spa
  • Unwind into the relaxation at their minimalist, desert oasis retreat
  • Remove the textile constrictions at their European style clothing optional resort
  • Soak in the warm mineral fed hot springs (one at about 104’F, the other mid 90’s)
  • Book a couples side-by-side massage to begin the journey
  • Enroll in their massage instruction class to understand and learn those glorious strokes to take skills home and continue the relaxation.
  • If you’re looking to spark your intimacy, book the erotic massage session and feel your way into intimacy and body understanding
  • Soak some more and feel the stresses melt away while pillow talk whiles your day lounging around the pools.
  • Take your skills home and practice, practice, practice!

To visit their site and check out the massage instruction options or to book a getaway, contact Jeff or Judy at the Living Waters Spa in Desert Springs, California. See what others have to say on TripAdvisor and Facebook … and if you go tell them you heard about them from GoGirlfriend!

Have you enjoyed a couples massage getaway while learning skills and body understanding on the journey to reconnect as a couple? Tell us where you went for the adventure … we’d love to hear. Drop a comment below or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

To comply with a long list of regulating bodies, possibly even Geneva Conventions and in the interest of transparency, GoGirlfriend’s visit was sponsored by Living Waters Spa. All opinions expressed are those of GoGirlfriend.

Living Waters Clothing Optional Resort & Spax

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