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Clothing Optional Caribbean Resorts

Caliente Caribe offers refined, textile-free vacationing

Love is in the air. Pucker up for your sweetie and hitch yourself a ride somewhere sunny. Can't stand to be on a beach with a swimsuit? The Dominican Republic's Two if by SeaTwo if by SeaCaliente Caribe near Puerto Plato may be your next favorite holiday hideaway.

Unlike some clothing optional resorts that take a Gestapo-like approach to being au natural at all times, you can wear (or not wear) what you want, when you want. Most guests prefer to spend their days on the beach in the buff, but dress for dinner.

It's all up to you.

Caliente Caribe is a 3-star resort, even though mostSeacliff AccomodationsSeacliff Accomodations guests feel it's under-rated. And there's nothing GG travelers love more than underestimating a resort.

It's not perfect though. Dinning choices are limited, but the chef will accommodate special requests. It's an all-inclusive so your drinks are included, but brand name liquors are provided only upon request.

The beach is small and offers a well-balanced mix of shade and sunny areas.

As one guest said, it's not the right resort for you if you're a table-dancing junkie who never goes to bed. But if you're looking for friction-free vacationing in a laid-back, elegant setting, Caliente Caribe may be your postcard-perfect vacation?

Race ya to the beach. Last one with her clothes still on buys the first round of drinks!

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You know, people need to get over the body shame thing they have. Sarah states a bikini is pushing it. Sarah, if that is your feeling, then by all means go with it. I would not want to make you feel uncomfiortable BUT... My question is why. Most likely, you are not liking yourself. I'm a christian man. I attend a good church regularly and even help out at services when needed. My true feeling is God made us in his infinite wisdom to look differently. Some of us (not me) are supermodels. They are supermodels BECAUSE WE (not God) define them that way. I'll bet, your just as good and nice as they might be (I don't know any supermodels and don't know you). I do feel that when you resign yourself to being God's child, you'll realize also that what God made is NOT bad. You are beautiful in your own way. Also note that the bikini being in the way is just your feeling about what others think about you. Your wrong. The only thing that matters is what YOU and God believe and I know he likes you. Start small; buy that bikini. Go nude after you shower. Go nude in the house. Get used to it. Then try something else (I would recommend a resort. They usually screen their clients and do a good job). Ask a friend or your spouse/partner/whatever. Bet they would like it too. Most importantly, like yourself and have fun!

some clothing optional resorts that take a Gestapo-like approach to being au natural at all times, you can wear (or not wear) what you want, when you want. Most guests prefer to spend their days on the beach in the buff, but dress for dinner.

I don't feel like I would have the courage to go to a clothing optional resort.

Caribbean islands r the best vacation destination of the world, i loved the trip i had there, i learned lots about the islands and the nude beaches from your articles before i booked a ticket for the trip. Thanks for the info.

I'm all for the "when in Rome, do like the Romans"!! And I did just that. From the Mediterranean's full nude to just topless option to the carribeans too few Clothing Optional opportunities, walking, swimming and relaxing naked is fine for me. The beaches were always full with every age, body type and level of comfort. Men and women alike we are born to be unencumbered. Viva la difference!!

Really?? Nude beach. Never been, not sure I'd want to. Why?? Sounds wrong. Bikini's even pushing it.

To Mandy's challenge ... Count me in and part of the fun. Only if I'm with my partner or friends though!! Wouldn't go it alone. We've had a great time at beaches across the caribbean and southern states (any quiet stretch will do).

Ok girlfriends ... what's the vote here? Would you go full nude, topless or not at all if you came to a Clothing Optional (we all know this is a nude beach) opportunity that was safe and populated? Would you be in for the fun of it or would the baring it all be too much??? Just a vote for which way does popular culture vote?? Me - I love the freedom of the opportunity. I'm not stunning, but I can be me. Mandy from Florida

Mandy - I like your attitude. I just found this website. What a diverse set of beliefs there are for this subject. Shelly has a great attitude also. Sarah thinks that a bikini might be pushing it. I agree there are too few opportunities. Here in California more and more of the nude beaches are being ticketed. Too many women are focused on their body image. It's good to look trim and shapely but not everyone can fit that mold. I've met large nudist women. I'm glad they have gotten past their fear and can enjoy life in the natural. I'd have a quote from Oscar Wilde that is a cleaver play on words. " If God wanted us to be nude, then we would be born that way"

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