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5 Nudist Resorts that Will Blow Your Mind

Nudist resorts - uncover your perfect vacation

I have a thing for nudist resorts. I like to visit them. I like to write about them. And I know it's going to shock you, but I'm neither a hippy or a sex addict. 

enter the nude zoneNaturism can be elegant, provocative and yes, a powerful aphrodisiac. But if you're like most people and have "thigh hopes" scaring you away, the naked truth is freeing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and looking good naked is easier when you see we all have not-so-perfect bodies.

Switch off the iPhone (and your boss), drop the kids at Grandma's and think textile-free for your next vaca. These 5-star resorts are nice enough to tell your parents about - if you dare!

Sea Mountain Ranch Resort And Spa, California

Ranked by the New York Times, Maxim and Spa Finder as a "must-stop destination in Southern California, Sea Mountain Ranch Resort and Spa, CaliforniaSea Mountain Resort is an intriguing pick for a spacation with your lover. It's adults only and couple friendly - meaning naked couples are encouraged. Singles, not so much.

Sea Mountain is a boutique resort with only 15 overnight rooms and day visitors capped at 100. The Spa VIP Pass gives you full access to the grounds, a couples massage and lunch for two for $289 per couple.

Sea Mountain Ranch Resort And Spa, CaliforniaBe warned though that this is a lifestyle resort and public sex is permitted.

If vacationing friction-free tops your priority list, but getting too far away from civilization doesn't, Sea Mountain Resort is for you.

If you go...

Visit Sea Mountain Ranch Resort online or see what visitors on Trip Advisor have to say.

Reservations & Information: 877-928-2827

Hedonism II, Jamaica

Some visitors to Hedonism believe there should be warnings at the entrance - Cross this threshold and anything goes. Perhaps the most well-known of naturist resorts in the world, it also has the reputation as the most risqué. But don't get us wrong, they also have an extremely high recidivism rate - one visit and you're hooked for life.

Hedonism II, JamaicaWith more than 200 rooms (including the swim-up variety) there's plenty of choice. You'll find a fully grown spa here, with choices that run the gamut from couples massage to facials, pedicures and reflexology. After all, if you're going to be hedonistic, you may as well embrace it body, mind and soul.

If sex on the beach is more than a drink, and you're Hedonism II, Jamaicaeager to check out alternative lifestyles while in the all-together, Hedonism is for you.

If you go...

Visit Hedonism Resort online or see what other travelers have to say about them on Trip Advisor.

Reservations & Information: 631-LUV-HEDO (or 631-588-4336)            

Desire Resort and Spa, Mexico

Twenty minutes from Cancun airport you'll find a well-designed playground just for adults. But this isn't the party-hardy Hedonism. At Desire Resorts nudity is encouraged, sexual activity is open if the moment catches you - but consider the Desirte Resorts the 5-Star playground. Proper (although naughty and playful) dress in restaurants is a must. The resort caters solely to couples who want to sunbathe nude, enjoy a spirited vacation and possibly explore an alternative lifestyle.

Desire Resort and Spa, MexicoThere are 34 ocean-view rooms and 64 with a garden view . There's a sexy playroom for couples and a seductive selection of restaurants, from haute cuisine to nude Jacuzzi lounges to themed dances at the Y Night Club (oh, and consider a spaaaaah adventure).

If you're looking for a sexy, chic resort that's designedDesire Resort and Spa, Mexico for lovers (and swingers if that's your fancy), Desire Resort is for you and your man.

If you go...

Visit Desire Resort online or see what other travels have to say about them on Trip Advisor.

Reservations & Information: 1-888-211-3241 (US and Canada)

Hidden Beach Resort, Mexico

Mexico is a hotbed (no pun intended) of textile-free vacationers. Hidden Beach Resort offers adult naturists a unique opportunity to Hidden Beach Resort, Mexicospend an entire week nude, or hop over to the adjoining resort and enjoy some clothed fun. Public areas within Hidden Beach - pool, restaurant, bars, disco - are nude-friendly and completely hidden from view, while giving guests full all-inclusive privileges at El Dorado Resort.

Hidden Beach Resort, MexicoAll 42 suites are ocean view and 18 (first floor) are swim up via an artificial river that connects the entire resort.

If you've got nothing to hide and want to truly get away from it all, Hidden Beach is for you.

Visit Hidden Beach Resort online or see what other travelers have to say about them on Trip Advisor.

Reservations & Information:  866-527-4762

Vera Playa, Spain

What's the perfect naturist vacation to you?

  • 2 miles of beach you can walk nude
  • City streets you can walk nude and receive friendly waves from the local police
  • Temperatures every day that encourage - even demand - freedom from clothing
  • A place where nudity is encouraged, not demanded

Vera Playa is a safe place to explore nudism if it's your first textile-free adventure. Many European (and particularly Spanish) Naturists don't practice the 24/7 rule found in North America and the Caribbean. Naturism here is weather dependant and practiced heavily on the beaches - but clothing has its place. Decorum rules ask that everyone be clothed by 8 pm, for dinner and the bars.

Vera Playa, SpainAccommodations consist of rentable private apartments and a 300 room hotel. Although it's listed as a 4-star facility, expect basic, clean rooms but not a lot of luxury. Opt for the B&B rate and skip the all-inclusive option - there is more interesting dining outside the naturist zones.

If you're looking for a family oriented nude vacation and don't need all night discos to keep you enthralled, Vera Playa is for you.

Visit Vera Playa Resort online or see what other travelers have to say about them on Trip Advisor.

Reservations & Information: vera@playasenator.com

Gonna go nude on your next vaca? What other recommendations can we add? Comment here or visit me on Facebook or Twitter - let's talk!

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Hi Julia, There is a brand new, very popular nudist resort you should think about reporting on in your next article about naturism. It is the New Terra Cotta Clothing Optional Resort and Spa in sunny Palm Springs, California.. The original Terra Cotta Inn was a fantastic nude resort. Repeat guests from around the world stayed there. TCI was sold in Nov 2015 and greatly missed. Well, this July 2017, it was revived at a new location in Palm Springs. The site is HotelTerraCotta.com. Guests are super happy. It's perfect for couples and girlfriend getaways. And Tom and Mary Clare from the original Terra Cotta Inn work with us, so it has the same relaxing, fun feel.

Important note about Sea Mountain Inn! Yes it's nudist, but it's also "Lifestyle" which means that public sex is a big part of it. For someone just expecting a nudist resort it could be a major issue to be surrounded by some pretty wild in-your-face sexual activity. If it's your thing, you'll be in heaven. If it's not, you'll kick yourself for not knowing.

Hi Julia If you're looking for textile-free holiday destinations in Europe, Istria in Croatia has to be at the top, or certainly very near the top of your list. Beautiful hot, sunny weather, very clear warm sea - good visibility - ideal for diving & snorkeling, secret coves and just too many locations to list! Hope this arouses your curiousity :) kind regards Andrej

My wife and I love Terra Cotta Inn located in Palm Springs, California. It was our first nudist experience. Very laid back, very peaceful, and if you want to be left alone that is fine if you want to mingle that is fine. Tom and his wife are great hosts. we recommend Terra Cotta Inn for first timers as well as for everyone. They do not have loud music and really the crowd there is 40+ in age. Great for us!

I think you forgot an important resort that will blow your mind by omitting Caliente Resort and Spa in Land o Lakes, FL

Also, Julia, you might want to visit another "Top 10" clothing optional spot - Living Waters Spa. We are Southern California's only clothing optional mineral water spa. We've been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Ellen Degeneres / AOL.com and others. We think you'll enjoy us too!

Hi Julia, Thanks, I remember your story about us too, thank you very much about it. Because we're the most mainstream nudist resort out west and perfect for first time couples trying topless or nude sunbathing and the most popular nudist resort in California, a lot of times people forget we're also one of the most luxurious because we're so affordable. We're able to keep our rates affordable because we cater to vacationers around the world and are busy 7 days a week, instead of just catering to the local Southern Californian market on weekends. Julia, Feel free visiting our resort someday. We would love to show you it and you can experience for yourself why we're the most popular place out west. You can call and ask for me personally. Tom

Thanks Tom! I've long wanted to visit Terra Cotta but every time I make it to California, it slips off my radar. I am resolved to do it though - and I will be sure to call and ask for you! Julia

Hi Julia, I look forward to meeting you someday too. Call us at 800-786-6938 and ask for me, Tom. Your readers will love learning about us. As the saying goes, "value is the new luxury." Having always been the best value topless and nude sunbathing resort in the western US, you will see why we are also the most popular and why all your readers will want to stay with us because nowadays no one likes overpaying for vacations. Take care, hope to see you soon. Tom Terra Cotta Inn Sunny Palm Springs, CA

Hi Julia, Great choices. However, you left out one of the best choices for couples and girlfriend vacations. You forgot The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa in sunny Palm Springs, CA. Some people still enjoy paying lots of money for their vacations. But nowadays most people now look for the best value for their vacation dollars, not bragging rights on how much they overpaid. And the Terra Cotta Inn is perfect. That's why repeat guests from around the world will fly only there for their naturist vacations I realize you could only include 5 places in your story, and not everyone always wants to know about the popular resorts that everyone wants to go to, but I bet your readers will thank you for telling them about Terra Cotta Inn.

Thanks for stopping by, Tom and reminding me about the Terra Cotta Inn. I've written about this beautiful spot in California: http://gogirlfriend.com/reviews/top-10-clothing-optional-resorts-exposed-12930 - and it's nice to hear the inn is still going strong. Always love to hear from my readers! Julia

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