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What’s the Best Spa in Las Vegas?

Caesar's Palace Qua Baths & Spa is close enough to perfect to me

Las Vegas spas are the playground for celebrities and I'm fairly certain if Aphrodite ever tired of hanging out with Zeus, she would have chosen Caesar's Palace Spa in Las Vegas. Within minutes of shedding my clothes and slipping into the Jacuzzi, I felt like a goddess myself - Aphrodite, not Paris Hilton.

Caesar's Palace Spa - For GoddessesCaesar's Palace Spa - For GoddessesMy partner and I arrived for our 3-hour couple's treatment and had hoped to relax together before our treatment. But heterosexual couples part ways at the door - lounge areas are all clothing optional. It took less than 5 minutes to stop missing him and sink into one of the baths with an herbal tea.

The Qua Baths & Spa is focused on the healing powers of water and offers patrons (in both male and female lounge areas) a water cycle to prepare the body for a spa treatment. After all, a massage is divine but a massage on an already noodle-fied body amplifies the healing. I traveled between hot, cold and body temperature pools:

  • Frigidarium (cold plunge) 78 F
  • Calidarium (hot plunge) 104 F
  • Tiepidarium pool 98 F

Hint: allow extra time to sample the herbal steam room, sauna and Artic Ice Room - where it actually snows. I was a little skeptical of the comfort of a 55 F room, but slipping into the Artic Room after the steamCaesar's Palace Ice Room - Chill out, goddessCaesar's Palace Ice Room - Chill out, goddess room allowed me to linger longer in the sauna. The Qua Spa reminded me of the Blitz Spa in Toronto, where alternating hot and cold pools and saunas is almost more enjoyable than the actual treatment.

After completing the bath circuit, take a few minutes to lounge on a thermal stone deep relaxation chaise with a sommelier-prepared herbal tea. Be forewarned - tea will never taste the same again.

Twin Souls for Couples

What's the perfect couple's spa treatment? Start with tables close enough that allow you to hold hands during the treatment - that's nice. How about a shared shower with 16 heads? Nicer. Add in 100 minutes of lying on a table with your lover, hands soothing the stress away...Perfect.

Unlike many couple's treatments, The Qua Spa connects you and your partner from the moment you enter the treatment room. From the official press release:

Couple's Spa Treatment = BlissCouple's Spa Treatment = Bliss"The blissful journey commences with the couple creating their own take-home baths salts, combining fresh herbs and a custom blend of oils; Qua's body artists will later incorporate the custom concoction into the service. The treatment starts with the guests, side-by-side, in a private treatment studio where they'll both receive a coconut scalp massage and a full body exfoliation. Guests are invited to hold hands throughout, focusing on the creation of positive energy between them. After the head-to-toe scrub, couples will indulge in a relaxing massage and chakra enlightenment."

GoGirlfriend's review of Qua Bath & Spa

Shauntele and Gina, our therapists for the afternoon, arrived with smiles and soft voices to deliver my partner and I to our treatment room. While we choose the scents for our treatment and discussed the order of things, I looked around the room. Ambient lighting, curtained walls, soothing music - I was ready to let go and relax.

For the next 2 hours, our bodies were gently massaged with scrubs, oils and crèmes (with a brief interlude in the shower). I was allowed to simply be there in bodyScrub down at the spaaaah!Scrub down at the spaaaah! (while my mind wandered aimlessly through the corridors of the lilting music) and let someone else be responsible for a while - no room for guilt or to-do lists here. The warm oil drizzled on my forehead, the incense and my partner's warm hand holding my hand transported me to Nirvana.

We tacked a facial treatment onto our Twin Souls experience, which made me feel like I was a religious icon (and yes, it made for a very happy ending at the spa). Unlike many spas, Qua encourages guests to use their treatment menu as a guideline only. Add in anything you want, they're happy to make it happen.

Caesar's Palace Spa - Heating things up!Caesar's Palace Spa - Heating things up!After our treatment, I felt shaky and cold. We were led to the Laconium Room where infrared heat warms the stone benches. We enjoyed this room together, sipping tea and readying ourselves for a gentle reentry to the real world.

No surprise that Qua Baths & Spa has been spotlighted in Condé Nast Traveler magazine, Robb Report, Affluent Traveler and Spa Finder magazine. We didn't stay at the hotel or see any of the shows at Caesar's Palace but exploring this venue more fully is on my list for my next visit to Vegas.

If you go:

  • Arrive at least an hour before your treatment to enjoy the baths. Although you'll have access to the facilities for the rest of the day, you won't want to soak off the oils from your treatment so enjoy beforehand.
  • The baths are clothing optional - take advantage. Everything feels more delicious without the restrictions of a bathing suit.
  • Sample the teas and cold drinks, but don't eat too much before your treatment. Food in your stomach diminishes the detox slightly.
  • If you forget where your locker is and the combo (side effect of the noodle-fying) someone will help you get on your way.
  • After your treatment, remember to drink lots of water (before heading to the nightclub).

Want more info the Qua Baths and Spa at Caesar'sCaesar's Palace Qua Baths & PoolsCaesar's Palace Qua Baths & Pools Palace in Las Vegas? Visit Caesar's Palace online or see what other travelers have to say on TripAdvisor. Reservations and information: 888-782-0655

To comply with too many regulating bodies to mention and in the interest of transparency, our spa treatment was sponsored by Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, but the commentary and perspectives are those of GoGirlfriend.

Love Las Vegas spas? Which one is your fav? Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook and let's start talking!

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I'm heading to Vegas in two weeks. I would love to get pampered at the best places, but realistically on our budget, we will be relaxing poolside!

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