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Tahiti - Why You Should Go Even If You’re Single

Story by Carly Milne 

Tahiti is widely and notoriously known as the ultimate honeymooner spot, rife with picture-perfect sunsets created specifically for ooey gooey couples toasting themselves and the rest of their lives together.

Tahiti - It's All About YouTahiti - It's All About YouCertainly Tahiti and its islands - there are 118 - host their fair share of newlyweds, but letting that stand in the way of you and paradise is absurd. Being single shouldn't stop you from experiencing one of the most amazing places on earth, so pack your bags and prepare to experience the following:



The Joy of Over-Water Bungalows

They're almost mythic - the way they rise from the water, isolated yet connected, giving you an amazing view of the scenery surrounding you. Yes, an over-water bungalow is definitely a must-have Tahiti experience, and definitely one you have to save up for. It ain't cheap, but few things compare to waking up and stepping out on your deck to see tropical fish swimming by... or going for a convenient midnight skinny dip, if that's your preference.

No matter what time of day you take your dip or what Tahitian island you're visiting, staying at the Pearl Resorts is a must. Book your getaway for off-season and you'll get a break on the regular rates, but whatever you do, don't do Tahiti without doing an over-water bungalow. Feeding the fish through your removable glass-topped coffee table is worth it.

Incredible Food

If there's one thing they know how to do well in French Polynesia, it's food. Certainly you can find the utmost in gourmet fare, but sometimes the simplest, purest food is the way to go. Stop by the Ari'I Restaurant at the Te Tiare Hotel in Huahine, which sits on stilts over that amazing aqua-colored water. The waters below will soothe while you dine on the best poisson cru you'll ever eat. A local delicacy, poisson cru is raw fish - usually tuna - marinated in coconut milk and fresh lime juice, then mixed with chunks of carrots, cucumber, and other veggies, making it a healthy but delicious salad.

On the island of Nuku Hiva, the resident mayor runs a hotel and restaurant called Chez Yvonne that serves poisson cru and an island delicacy called breadfruit. It's kind of starchy and not very fruity, but when it's deep fried, it's heaven.

Top-Notch Hospitality

Tahitians are among the most friendly, laid-back, good-natured folk on the planet. You probably would be too if you lived on a tropical island. But the wonderful thing about them isn't just their pride in where they live, but also that they're willing to share it with the world. Go ahead - chat up a local. And don't hesitate to talk to your hotel concierge about island excursions, where you tend to be led by someone who knows the island and its history inside and out. It's a great way to get to know your surroundings, and the people behind them.

Crystal Clear Aqua Water

Seriously - it's unlike anything you've ever seen. Pictures don't do it justice, nor do explanations... but let's try anyway. The temperature of it during the day is somewhere around nice, warm bathwater - not too hot, but not too cool... and just the perfect amount of Tahiti SunshineTahiti Sunshinerefreshing. At night it's crisp, but still warm enough that you won't curse your mother when going for a late-night swim (or that skinny dip.) And when you're snorkeling - which you really must do when you're in Tahiti - you can see for miles. Make sure you have a big memory card in your digital camera, because you're going to want to take a million shots of it.

Rad Spas

Just a short flight from the main island of Tahiti is a tiny island called Manihi, just four miles wide and covered with white sand as far as the eye can see. It's there, and the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort, that you'll find the Manea Spa. It's not your typical spa - it's much better. Enjoy your treatment in the private treatment room, in the garden next to the fountain, or - the ultimate - on a massage table in the water, just a few feet from the shore. Highly recommended? The Monoi Rae Fenua massage, designed to balance your head and feet into a state of bliss. This is what Tahiti is all about.

An Opportunity for Solid "Me Time"

The best thing about visiting the islands of Tahiti is that when you want to find people, they're easy to find... but if you want to get away, you can do so easily and quietly. Many of the resorts are set up so that if you need peace and quiet, you can get it in spades whether it means relaxing in your own private hammock, or just hanging out on the beach alone. There's nothing quite like taking a sunset walk on the beach by yourself, or enjoying a fabulous meal on your deck overlooking the sea.

We tend to forget that romancing ourselves is just as important as romancing someone else. So wouldn't it make perfect sense to do so in a stunning locale that was practically created for it? Go on - give yourself a Tahiti treat. You won't regret it!

For more information on Tahiti and how you can steal a piece of paradise for yourself, visit Tahiti Tourism.

Got a question for Carly Milne? Email us or leave a comment below and she'll answer your questions and likely throw in a few freebie tips as well.

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