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I Might, I Will, I Do…

Love, Life and Making Mistakes for 25 Years

“The mark of a true crush is that you fall in love first and grope for reasons afterward.” ~ Shana Alexander

This year, my husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. I marked the occasion by dedicating an entire month to the myriad love lessons I’ve learned living with, loving and making babies with the same man for all those years. The lessons weren’t all wrapped up in a bow and many offered only my acknowledgement that answers can be elusive, no matter how long you work at something.

The response was overwhelming. Many posts received dozens of comments and likes and shares. I’m a writer, social media strategist, buzz-builder, information junkie, avid blogger – and I was shocked at how my lessons resonated with so many people.

And now it's a book! I Might, I Will, I Do, now for sale on Blurb.ca.

I Might, I Will, I Do...
I Might, I Wil...
love, life and mak...
By Julia Rosein
Photo book

Some of the comments made me cry…

“When it works it's soooooooo worth it. Signed, the newly-grieving widow,” Suzanne.

“Words of advice I hope someone will give my son's partner someday!” Wendi.

“This is wonderful... Alex please take note!” Angela.

“Teary eyed read! truly humbling and beautiful! I can't say enough how much I've enjoyed these posts!” Lisa

“I'm going to be sad to see these posts end.” Kaci.

This was then, that was now

Where our story began

I met my husband at the tender age of 16. His oh-so-hot Adidas (short) shorts and matching knee-high socks, the bowl-haircut that curled around his ears and those beautiful green eyes. At 20, we pledged our undying love to each other and embarked on our journey together.

still looking hot ... Julia , that is!The starry-eyed fairy-tale lasted for a nanosecond as bills, jobs and children began to take up space in our lives – directly between the two of us. I wasn’t prepared for how much time, work and energy marriage would take from me, how many times I’d want to give in and give up. I wasn’t prepared for the multitude of miserable ways I’d fail. And the anger, frustration and sadness that would be my bed partner on too many nights to count.

25 years of mistakes…

Thanks mom and dad ...As hard as marriage is, it’s got some fantastic highs too. And to be honest, after 25 years of kissing the same man goodnight, the hard times aren’t the ones I remember the most. The good times shine through with absolute clarity. Those good times were sweet - deliciously sweet! And every single frustration or heartache? Totally worth enduring to get to where we are now.

how a deluge turned romantic!Investing in my marriage was hard work (and still is) and not the stuff of fairy-tales. Thankfully, along the way I’ve learned a few things about life, love and the incredible beauty of finding a partner willing to share the load.

If you’d like to read all 25 lessons, order your own “I Might, I Will, I Do.”

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