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Advertising on GoGirlfriend.com will expose you to a highly targeted audience of intelligent women 35-55 years old searching for travel information. We're no Lonely Planet; we don't want to be all things to all people.

If you want to be in front of tens of thousands of GoGirlfriend readers, there are a number of different advertising and sponsorship opportunities available.

Premium ad

Ads are sold on a monthly basis with discounts given to ads bought in 3 month bundles.

The sizes for web ads are:

  • 160 x 150 (small square)
  • 160 x 300 (small skyscraper)
  • 160 x 600 (large skyscraper)

Please contact us if you'd like discuss advertising opportunities.

Sponsored posts

GoGirlfriend is a respected travel resource on the web and we're happy to offer sponsorship opportunities for a post or series of posts. Please contact us if you'd like discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Product reviews & giveaways

A product review is a great way to get your product, destination or service noticed by our tens of thousands of unique visitors. Product reviews are similar to sponsored posts with the exception that our opinion is given on a specific product or service. These are priced according to a number of factors and priced individually. Please contact us if you'd like discuss a product reviews and/or giveaway opportunities.

Social Media - Twitter & Facebook parties

With an extensive online influence and reach in Canada and the US, we’ve been invited to partake in many campaigns and events in both countries including:

·         Microsoft, Dove and Young Drivers of Canada – Influencer

·         Blissdom Canada, BrandU Fab, 140conf NYC,  – Speaker

·         WIBN – Organizer, emcee and social media liaison (2012 & 2013)

·         She’s Connected – Conference Advisor

·         High Point and Las Vegas Furniture Markets with Kathy Ireland

·         Impact99, 140conf (Canada), TEDxWomen (Waterloo) – Emcee

·         Brand-U Fabulous – Emcee and panalist

Leverage GoGirlfriend's online influence to take your sponsorship and/or advertising to the next level. With a social media party hosted by GoGirlfriend, you'll enjoy:


  • Bevvy of new followers
  • Buzz for a new product launch
  • SEO in the form of links and social signals

All of our twitter parties are tracked and a full report is sent after the event. Please contact us if you'd like discuss adding social media to your advertising or sponsorship package.

Social Media Reach

  • Twitter - 19,000+ followers
  • Pinterest - 1,200+ followers
  • Facebook - 1,600 + fans
  • YouTube - 35,000+ uploads

Typical GoGirlfriend readers are

  • Females between 35-55 years old
  • Searches travel advice for info and entertainment
  • Shares content with online community

Over 80% of all travel decisions are made by women making our readers powerful decision makers who vote with their dollars.

Typical GoGirlfriend advertisers are:

  • Interested in reaching a female-centric community
  • Focused on long term relationship building with their community
  • Eager to work with a professional blog team who understand media buying

If you think we share common interests, we'd love to hear from you.

Julia Rosien, Owner & Chief Girlfriend

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