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GoGirlfriend Escape 2012 ~ 25 Reasons

GGEscape => Toronto ● Algonquin ● North Carolina ● Virginia

Get ready to get excited about GG's Awesome Issue (October). We're kicking it off with an epic road trip that will take us from Toronto to the wilderness of Algonquin to North Carolina to Virginia and back home again.

Why are we doing this?

Lansdowne ResortLansdowne ResortAny chance to travel is a good enough reason for us, but we've got 25 more fun reasons for this adventure. Escape day is officially October 4th - when we pick up our sweet ride - and won't end until October 20th.  While we'd love to say we're going to rest up afterward, on October 24th we're heading to Blissdom Canada as a community leader. Yup, October is officially our Awesome Month!

25 reasons for our #GGEscape

Reason #1

Ford Canada sponsorFord Canada sponsorFord Canada is generously sponsoring our ride with a brand new 2013 Ford Escape, equipped with an EcoBoost engine. Women and men see the world differently and we're eager to review this vehicle from a feminine perspective. Hope the Escape is up to the challenge because we intend to test it feature by feature. What makes the Ford Escape unique?

Reason #2

A Canadian Thanksgiving in Algonquin. The cabin we'll be visiting in Algonquin is without indoor plumbing and electricity but it's got a great view, lots of fresh air for lung-busting hikes and some sweet outdoor toys, like 4-wheelers. Bet you couldn't say no to this either!

Reason #3

marriage therapymarriage therapyFree marriage therapy. Our trip will cover take us more than 6,000 kilometers across two countries. While some of that journey will involve teenagers in the backseat, most of it will just be my lover and me. Alone. Can you say captive audience?

Reason #4

No flight delays. I love flying, which is a good thing because I do so much of it. But I also love travel for travel's sake and not worrying about flight delays will be a sweet diversion from the norm.

Reason #5

Serious leaf-peeping. From Algonquin to North Carolina, I plan to drink in more than my fair share of color. And while I'm looking forward to driving the Ford Escape, I also plan be a passenger to shoot some great videos of the passing fall foliage.

Reason #6

Dana and JuliaDana and JuliaDana Helms. Dana and I recently joined forces on SocialNorth.com and I'm ridiculously excited to see her again. She's smart, funny and a consummate professional - with an engaging social media presence. And she'd be happy to help you manage yours, should you be looking...

Reason #7

Lansdowne Resort. After more than 5,000 km of travel, we'll park ourselves at Lansdowne for a few days to recharge and nourish ourselves at their spa and restaurants. The grounds look glorious so we'll be taking a few hikes and maybe even a game of golf. Maybe.

Reason #8

Lansdowne County Wineries. You can imagine my sheer delight when I discovered that Lansdowne County is a hotbed of wineries - much like the Finger Lakes in New York. Wine is always appropriate and wine tours rank high on my must-do list wherever I travel.

Reason #9

Kathy Ireland. I met Kathy in person two years ago and I'm excited to be sharing a stage with this amazing swimsuit cover girl turned $2 billion business model at High Point Furniture Market. Even more importantly, I'm eager to get some ideas during our talk about how I can better boot-strap my company.

Reason #10

Angelo and JuliaAngelo and JuliaAngelo Surmelis. Twice a year, I get to hang out with Angelo in the Handy Living Showroom, at High Point along with Tom and Ken. If they were women, they'd own the "Charlie's Angels" moniker, for all the fun they have.

Reason #11

WithIt. As the 2012 president of WithIt, the High Point Furniture gives many of our 500 members a chance to be together, face to face. Our market events provide an opportunity for men and women outside our organization a chance to see why this network of female leaders is so powerful. A secret decoder ring is included with your membership fee.

Reason #12

Greasy diners and swanky restaurants. When I travel, I eat like a trucker and there's nothing I love more than a big, greasy breakfast to start the day. What's more, those joints make the best coffee. I also love to throw on my heels and little black dress for a night on the town. In fact, I'm still deciding between the String & Splinter and Undercurrent in North Carolina. Suggestions?

Reason #13

Libby LangdonLibby LangdonInspiring business people. High Point market is a mecca of smart, successful, generous business people who make it their life calling to mentor others. These are just a few of the folks I'm looking forward to seeing:

Reason #14

Lansdowne SpaLansdowne Spa Lansdowne Spa. I'll be honest, I've got a serious crush going on for the Spa Minerale. After two weeks on the road, I'm eyeing the Hydrating Facial and I'm guessing Stacy will something massagy. I can be a lot to handle and he might be in desperate need of de-stressing...

Reason #15

Crossing the border. I get a little thrill every time I cross the border, like adventure is waiting for me just across the next flyover. It makes no sense, but travel isn't always about making sense. Sometimes it's just time to explore and dream and that's pretty awesome.

Reason #16

Red Egg FurnitureRed Egg FurnitureRed Egg. Not only is Carol Gregg, the owner of Red Egg, hosting my overnight stay while at High Point, she's also generously offered to host our President's Welcome kick off to market. Carol's home (and showroom) is beautiful, partly because of the things she fills it with - but mostly because of the love she pours into it.

Reason #17

Towns with weird names. One thing I love most about roadtrips is the diversity that you miss when you fly. I'll be traveling through towns like Zelienople, Pleasant Valley, Harmony and Waughtown and you can bet I'll be trying to figure out the story behind each name.

Reason #18

Lisa Ferguson @decormentorLisa Ferguson @decormentorLisa Ferguson. Lisa (also known as @DecorMentor on Twitter) lives in Toronto but at High Point Market she's the hostess of Elevate. This market, SocialNorth will be involved and I'm eager to watch Lisa in action. Her dedication to elevating those around her is inspiring.

Reason #19

Paying less for gas than I'd pay for an airline ticket. If my calculations are correct, our 6,000 km journey will cost us approximately $200 in gas, thanks to the Ford Escape. I'm not a math wizard but that number has me pretty darn excited.

Reason #20

Shoe spotting. While I won't be donning my heels this market (long, sad story I'll be happy to share with you over a bottle or 7 of wine) I'll be shoe spotting. Watch for a post on SocialNorth.

Reason #21

southern biscuitssouthern biscuitsSouthern food. It might come as a shock to my American friends, but you can't get unsweet tea, biscuits or grits in Canada. I am not kidding. I have no idea what the nutritional value is of any of these but I plan to chow down on them as often as possible. Yes, I'm bringing my expando-pants.

Reason #22

Staying up late, getting up early. I don't travel like most people, relaxing on the beach for hours and hours of endless nothingness. I love getting up early to meet people and staying out late to hear their stories over a glorious meal. I can sleep while traveling.

Reason #23

Making videos, taking pictures and writing stories. An adventure like this feeds my multi-media addiction. I plan shoot more videos and take more pictures than ever before - just to see if I can satiate the dragon inside me. Follow me on Twitter (@JuliaRosien) and the hashtag #GGEscape if you don't want to miss the fun.

Reason #24

Being silly. Remember road trips when you were a kid and how much fun they were? They're still the same for me, even without having my brothers close by to punch. I love that my husband loves a good road trip just as much as I do.How many punch-buggy's will we encounter?

Reason #25

coming homecoming homeComing home. Nothing beats coming home to my family, their great hugs, their excited questions and the messy house they haven't cleaned since I left. It's all awesome - because it's mine.




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Shove over, I want to come toooooo !!! Any room for some stragglers along the way ? Ok, Ok, you haven't even met me yet, but I know we would have a BLAST. I write about girls road trips on my blog amongst other craziness ! Should we make a plan ? Yes ! :) Lynne

Lynne, would LOVE to have you join us! And I want to know more about your blog and what you write about. Got a link you can share with us?

John, I could not have said it better myself - it is LOOOOOONG overdue that we met in person. As for the roadtrip, I'm so glad Stacy and I are doing this together. I've always flown to North Carolina for the High Point Market and Stacy's never been. Maybe I'm being a little selfish, but I'm looking forward to the alone time in the car, just hanging out with bestest friend in the whole wide world. See you soon, John Darling :-)

Even if I wasn't mentioned in this post, I would LOVE it! Why does the theme for National Lampoon's Vacation play in my head though? :) Julia, I am over the moon excited to meet you after all of these years on social media!! I love the fact that you and your lover are visiting us in the South and via car; that makes it all the better! I love road trips because you get to enjoy the travel as well as the trip!! Looking forward to meeting and hanging out my friend!!! Thank you again :)

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