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Airborne Lawsuits, Settlements and Refunds - What's the Big Deal?

What do you think of today's decision to refund customers for Airborne purchases?

If you're like many travelers in the US, Airborne has been as sound an investment as travel insurance. After all, it's not always easy to eat your veggies when you're zinging from one airport to another, late for meetings or just charging for the nearest beach bar.

Airborne AlertAirborne AlertEarlier today we reported the big news about Airborne - $23.3 million settlement in favor of US consumers - but not all GoGirlfriend readers agree with the decision.


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Anonymous said: I still like the way it makes me feel in my throat when I drink airborn water. Guess it's the bubbles that calms my throat. But I guess I shouldn't be using this for cold medicine anymore...

EnGAYge said: The United States is so absolutely sue happy it's disgusting. Here is a product that while it may not be the miracle cure it touts itself to be, it does have some health benefits...such as antioxidants, and herbs that can nourish the body. So this company gets sued for this, AND LOSES!!! Yet companies like Coca Cola, and every other sugar laden poison peddler continue to kill people on a daily basis, and people are fine with it. SICK SICK SICK!!! They need an airborne for people's warped, a$$ backwards minds. Nuff said!

Jean Marie said: Airborne has worked for me and a lot of people I know. The times I have remembered to take it before flights, I have not gotten sick. I have also taken it when I feel a cold coming on and the cold never actually takes hold. So, I don't know what all the fuss is about. Furthermore, I can't believe people would go through all the effort of a lawsuit to get a refund for a $10 product!

Nicole said: Echinacea and Vitamin C do have a positive affect on your immune system... just do a google search and read up - or take a health class. So, if you find that you DO feel good when taking Airborne - that is valid!! I did a single google search and read how a country in Europe offers echinacea to people intravenously for specific infections (they don't currently offer this in the US). Maybe Airborne's claim came across too strong, but Echinacea is one of the core ways I use to support myself during a cold... but I try to get it in quality form, where it hasn't been processed (so it maintains it's integrity) - like organic echinacea tea or a tincture. Thanks for reading my post :) Nicole in Portland, OR

Anne said: I'll still use airborne. I don't know if it can prevent you from getting sick, but I've done a little research on my own (ie - used the product) and it does seem to make the duration of illness shorter and actually makes me feel better after I take it (more energy, some temporary relief from general feeling of illness). Some may say that this is a placebo effect and if so, who cares? I don't.

Kara Williams said: I feel gypped! My husband always said it was B.S. I guess he gets the last laugh. Rest assured, I will not be purchasing any of the "new product lineup."

What do you think about today's settlement? Will you ask for the refund or will you continue to buy Airborne?

Leave your comment below or email our editor and she'll post them for you!

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I like airborne and feel it has helped ward off colds or make them less severe. How come all those diet pills that do nothing are allowed to keep being sold?

I am VERY disappointed that they will be taking Airborne off the shelves!!!! I am a FIRM BELIEVER of it. I take it everyday, as well as my kids. I thought it was a WONDERUL idea to have the pixie sticks for the kids. My kids LOVE IT! They usually get bad coughs and runny noses during the winter months. I have been giving them airborne everyday... and we have FINALLY made it thru most of the winter with NO COLDS! I heard that they were stating on National TV that it can kill you. PLEASE TELL ME HOW Vitamin C,A, and E can kill you!!!!

I was shocked when I heard about this. I have used Airborne many times when I felt a cold coming on and it really works! It keeps the cold from "taking hold" and really minimizes the symptoms. In that past, a simple cold would knock me out for a week but now I barely notice it!! I've given it to my kids as well, and we have been healthy all winter. I will be very upset if they pull it off the market. The whole thing stinks and I feel bad for the manufacturer. There is nothing in it that can harm you and I believe it does what it says.

I can't believe there are losers out there who are doing this just to get a refund because they only need to use the stuff once. I've used this stuff many times and so has my math teacher who referred this stuff to me and it works. I cannot not believe people are suing just because they don't get to use all 8 tablets since the stuff is so good. I am going to keep buying this stuff until they pull it off the shelves and when they do that I'll protest that cause I love this stuff.

Oh for Pete's Sake!!! I so agree with EnGAYge's comment about people being so sue happy. Since discovering Airborne, I have not had a cold as long as I continue to take it. The couple of times that I allowed myself to run out of it during cold season, I ended up with a cold. I do not remember an ad saying it would cure a cold. But taking it certainly has kept me from getting a cold. I now keep a lot of it on hand and will NOT be returning it for a refund. Sounds like the pharmaceutical companies are behind this!

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