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Summer Skinny Dipping

Seizing a summer skinny-dip opportunity

Welcome to the lazy, hazy days of summer with the sun blazing and warm winds blowing. The beach is calling with cool waters ready to tease away that heat. Have you ever seized the moment of a quiet beach cove and gone skinny dipping in the pure hedonistic enjoyment of that au naturel moment of bliss?

summer skinny dippingsummer skinny dippingWe're not shy about skinny dipping and we're not alone. Even upstanding publications like Business Insider have listed their expert tips on skinny dipping. So we're curious. Where you've taken the plunge in the buff?

Beach bums

where would you dare to bare?where would you dare to bare?Night time skinny dips are more discreet with the cover of darkness igniting that first temptation to swim out to the buoys and throw off the suit. Girlfriends bonding, lovers teasing, families introducing their children to the freedom of skinny-dipping - we'll bet that almost everyone who has camped has enjoyed at least one recklessly delicious skinny dipping plunge.

But daytime in that secluded cove, just a breath away from watchful eyes is a different story. Has your daring (mixed with the excited spike of adrenaline) proved enough of a temptation that you've dared to bare?

In the buff poolside

at home in your pool?at home in your pool?The convenience, opportunity and familial safety of the family pool is the safest and most attractive skinny dip location for even the most conservative of us. Wine in hand, robe dropped on a poolside chair, you slip quickly into your shrub-surrounded pool for a few laps of exposed relaxation. And before your neighbors see, it's a quick dash to the lounge chair to retrieve your robe and wine. My guess is that poolside is the safe option for a girlfriend's night together or teen lovers who dare to bare. How old were you when ... ?

Carpe diem au naturel

a secluded swimming hole?a secluded swimming hole?Imagine a hike in the bush on a hot summer's day, an hour into your walk and you discover a brook and waterfall, or a perfectly shaded swimming hole. You've seen nobody for quite a while and you make the decision to seize the moment and tempt/tease/cajole your partner into a skinny dip to cool off.  In the seclusion of the location, it's only logical that the "wicked excitement" index ratchets up a notch. Have you ever seized the moment and indulged in a partner-shared, nude-together skinny-dipping fling?

Public au naturel

Bare Oaks LakeBare Oaks LakeTaking it to a whole new brave level is the decision to visit a nude beach and embrace the freedom of public nudity. Intoxicating, inhibiting, freeing. A skinny dip at a nude beach is another level of complexity and freedom woven together. We've written a few posts on nude beaches and naturism exploring the freedom the naturist lifestyle offers. While it takes a strong degree of bravado and courage to shed your clothes in public, it's a confidence-affirming experience. And we love the skinny-dipping too!

How to successfully convince your partner to skinny dip

Seizing an opportunity to indulge in a bucket-list skinny dip fantasy is best done with a friend or lover - for fun and proof that you actually did it. But sometimes, there's a degree of convincing involved. Here's a few tips to tip the success balance in your favor.

  • how to convince your partnerhow to convince your partnerChoose the location wisely - The seclusion of the location combined with the excitement of the opportunity will enhance the success of your venture.
  • Find a co-conspirator - Whether your venture was pre-planned or you're casting off the skinny-dipping idea has caught a fish in your crowd, a co-conspirator ramps up the "wicked-fun index."
  • Get the timing right - The right combination of time, location and willingness-to-reveal will determine success.
  • Seize the opportunity - Don't be afraid to use shameless guilt to persuade co-operation.
  • Play in the water - Jump in, splash around, have fun and enjoy the sensory reward of your skinny-dip adventure

The GoGirlfriend team has a sneaky suspicion that skinny-dipping is more common than most are willing to admit. We'll bet you've indulged the sensation of dipping your skin a few playful times. We'd like to know your favorite spot to skinny-dip. Was it worth the indulgence? Did you get caught?

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Without a doubt ... Ojai, California... there is a secluded hot springs away from anyone who feels the need to over-pan a vacation and be within the comforts of modern society. Ojai provides an escape and the hot springs, along with the city itself, is a natural escape from reality!

Been out there, at nude resorts, playing volleyball etc. But favorite is on the trails midweek in Ontario, nobody anywhere, small lakes begging to be swum. Or in kayak finding hidden bays. Not shy, been spotted a few times, I just wave. Not doing anything embarrassing, Just fun.

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