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Half Moon Bay Beach, Antigua ~ Caribbean Beaches Guide

by Angela Braun, GoGirlfriend correspondent

Beach 411 ~ Half Moon Bay Beach

Far Eastern Side of Antigua

  • Beach type: Secluded – hidden local gem.
  • Beach geography: A mile of fine pink sand stretches along a shore of white-capped blue water punctuated with reef and sea grasses. Half Moon Bay is often breezy and the Atlantic surf on the southern end can be rough, while waters on the northern end are calmer. Head south for windsurfing and north for snorkeling.
  • Ease of access: Approximately a 45-minute drive from St. John’s, head for Freetown and then drive east. Park and journey onto the beach without delay.
  • Extra costs: Rent lounge chairs starting at $5 from beach vendors.
  • Beach amenities: Visit Smiling Harry’s, a funky bar that’s famous for its “Thirst Quencher,” seek some shade under the trees and reap the benefits of free parking. Harry’s bar is a couple of minutes’ walk from the beach but its opening times are sporadic.
  • Special note: Disregard time and leave your stress behind leading spot for windsurfing and snorkeling.
  • Geo-locator: Where is Half Moon Bay Beach?

Half Moon Bay Beach Antigua ~ courtesy of excesscarribean.comWelcome to one of Antigua’s most beautiful beaches

Half Moon Bay Beach is considered to be one of Antigua’s showcase beaches and is an impeccable venue for sunning and swimming. Though it’s not undiscovered, it’s often very quiet. Half Moon Bay will offer you peace, quiet and solitude. Charge the camera, pack a picnic, grab a towel and some water shoes – then go see the most beautiful, unspoiled, undeveloped beach imaginable. Since Half Moon Bay is a national park, you’ll find touring families, couples and singles enjoying themselves along the shoreline. Keep in mind that certain water conditions make swimming dangerous for young children and inexperienced swimmers.

Half Moon Bay activities

  • the Bay House Restaurant for a seaside dinnerBring your own equipment to snorkel close to the beach over the coral reef.
  • Walk out to the rocky point where you’ll discover aquatic life such as crabs, urchins and snails.
  • Poke around in an old hurricane worn hotel, adventure up rocks or walk around past the private yacht club, Mill Reef.

For a taste of Italy under the Caribbean sun, set your sights on Harmony Hall Restaurant as well as The Bay Restaurant, which serves Caribbean and international cuisine.. You’ll want to enjoy food and drinks during the day since Half Moon Bay sleeps with the sun, offering you evenings of quiet and relaxation.

Half Moon Bay attractions & events

stay nearby at the Tree Tops ResortAlthough you may think beaches and museums are an odd combination, you won't want to miss out on the rarities and insights offered by Betty’s Hope – dedicated to sharing the culture of Antigua and the Caribbean. Feast your eyes on an array of exhibits at Harmony Hall or travel north to view a rare rock formation by the name of Devil’s Bridge. If you’re hoping to scope out the local scene, travel on north to Willikies a small settlement between Seaton's and Indian Town Point.

Unfortunately, there are no events specific to Half Moon Bay. If you’re travelling to Antigua at the end of July or the beginning of August, don’t miss the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival. Pass some time at the most culturally significant event on the island when you take part in the Antigua Carnival.

GoGirlfriend Half Moon Bay hotel recommendations

Sadly, the main hotel for this location was destroyed by hurricane Luis and has since been left to the grips of nature. Drive 20 minutes to St. Phillips though and you’ll find South Point Antigua.

overlooking the Bay at Nonsuch Bay ResortNonsuch Bay Resort: Perched on the edge of the bay, this 40 acre 60-room resort features one restaurant, 3 infinity pools and a secluded beach area. Home to dolphins and turtles, this private resort balances ultimate relaxation with all-out-adrenaline activities, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. Visit them online at NonsuchBayResort.com.

Tree Tops Cottage: The closest, most quaint accommodation where you’re welcomed to fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of nature is no other than Tree Tops Resort.

Half Moon Bay weather

maybe it's time for a couples getaway?With an average temperature of 82°F, June is the hottest month in Antigua. The coldest month in Antigua, with an average temperature of 76°F, is January. You’ll want to avoid travelling to Antigua during the month of October if you don’t like the rain because it’s the wettest month with an average of 110mm of rain. Plan your vacation in September and you’ll enjoy the best temperatures for swimming in the sea when the average water temperature is 84°F.

For more information or help planning your next Antigua getaway, visit:

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