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Airborne Lawsuit Settlement Closes at 23.3 Million

Airborne - debunked

Using Airborne to sidestep the flu while traveling this season? You might have better luck "not" using baggage tags on your next vacation and just going on luck and prayer that your luggage will find its way to you.

Airborne Wont Keep You HealthyAirborne Won't Keep You HealthyDon't get us wrong. Airborne has all the vitamins in it that they say it does, but the research behind their benefits is bunk.


The herbal supplement company falsely claimed the product helped help fight off colds and flu, and for their dishonesty, they'll pay $23.3 million to settle a class action lawsuit. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit advocacy group said the money will be filed directly into the hands of consumers who bought the product.

Sound off with other GoGirlfriend readers and tell us what you think of today's decision! See: Lawsuits, settlements and refunds - what's the big deal?

"There's no credible evidence that what's in Airborne can prevent colds or protect you from a germy environment," said CSPI Senior nutritionist, David Schardt. "Airborne is basically on overpriced, run-of-the-mill vitamin pill that's been cleverly, but deceptively, marketed."

CSPI became suspicious when Airborne released clinical tests to support their claims. The company didn't understand that if you're going to say your product has been clinically studied, 2 guys with a beaker set in their basement doesn't qualify.

Airborne was created by Victoria Knight-McDowell, a second grade teacher who studied herbal therapies. According to the website, it "boosts the immune system with seven herbal extracts and a proprietary blend of vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants."

Want to know what the company has to say about it? A recorded message at Airborne says, "Defendants deny any wrongdoing or illegal conduct, but have agreed to settle the litigation."

Airborne likely isn't too concerned about the settlement, considering their 2007 sales soared beyond $300 million. And with their new product lineup, industry insiders project that they're on track for $1 billion dollars in sales this year.

Maybe not. In a case like this, not all publicity is good publicity.

Want to know how to get your money? Write to the Airborne Class Action Settlement Administrator, PO Box 1897, Faribault, MN 55021-7152, call 1-888-952-9080 or visit Airborne.com.

Want to know more about the lawsuit? Visit these accredited news sites for more info?


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Unbelievable!! I have used Airbone for the last 6 years and I do belive it works! Everytime I see people at work getting sick I take it for like 3 days to prevent getting sick and it works. If for any reason I do not take it, then I get the cold. When any virus hit me and I started taking airborne it would make me feel better, being able to go to work and recovering faster. Last week my 13 years old son asked me to buy him some Airborne because he was feeling sick, his throat was hurting badly and had a cold. He took it twice a day for 3 days and did recover 100% by then. He even mentioned; Airborne is the best invention. True or not? Brained washed or not? Who cares! they did a good job keeping us healthier. The numbers shows it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still buy Airborne and reccomend it to all my friends.

It's not that airborne doesn't really work it's just that they claimed they have all of these studies backing it up and it's all a bunch of bs...I read an interesting article about this on Adweek in their <a href="http://www.adweek.com/aw/news/index.jsp">advertising news</a> section.

The US/Medical industry is so caught up on making money they do not want us to buy stuff like this; it causes us not to have to go to doctors. My wife has cancer, and we are fighting it with only Herbs and vitamins, good foods (broccoli, carrots, chicken, fish, and so forth), and its shrinking with out medicines, or surgeries, yet our country can't find a cure. ROFL, LMAO, the only reason they can't find a cure is because they don't want to. They want you sick, so they can prescribe, and prescribe, and prescribe, so they make money. They don't want you preventing anything, they want you sick. Screw Americans, we want their money... that’s the new American way.

I absolutely completely swear by the product and I frankly do not understand at all how they managed to get a settlement out of this lawsuit. WHAT A FARCE!! (1)My daughter turned us on to this product because she is in constant contact with small children and it helps her ward off their germs. She, my husband, and I have taken it for about the last two or three years whenever we are, or expect to be, in an enclosed environment with poeple who have colds . It absolutely helps. Any time we carelessly fail to take it, we come down with the cold. If we faithfully rely on it, we do not come down with the cold. And in the few cases where we do, the symptoms seem to be less miserable and go away more quickly. It is not "just in the head". It has proven so time and time again for us. (2) Other "remedies" such as Zinc, in particular the nasal spray, which in my experience has no effect whatsoevr (the spray), make similar claims and have not been hit by lawsuits, I. Just. Don't. Get. It!! (unless someone, indeed, does not want the product to succeed.....the same people, I suspect, for the most part, who diss all holistic type remedies).

I've used Airborne for several years. I never believed it could "cure" the common cold because science has yet to find a "cure" for the 200 or so viruses that cause the cold. It does, however, lessen the effects of the cold to the point where you can function normally and not feel bad. I once worked in an office with bad ventilation...I was right in the middle of the "sick" zone, where everyone around me would get sick with some sort of respiratory infection about every other month or so. I couldn't afford to take time off, so I used Airborne every time someone around me started coughing or wheezing. I never got sick. Never. A friend of mine uses it every time he travels. The one time he didn't, he got sick. Those who say it doesn't work should honestly try it.

I’m sorry, but the first thought I had when I saw this was utter disgust, not at the makers of Airborne, but at the cheesy litigious jerks that jump at the chance to sue anyone they can with class-action lawsuits… Regardless of the foolish advertising mistakes initially made by the company representing this product, and the litigious nature of those who desire to "cash in" on the lawsuit just to get $30.00 for six packs which they can’t even prove they purchased, the reasons and methods behind why the teacher Victoria Knight originally created it were sound. She, like many others, enjoy the idea of taking a more holistic approach to fighting things like the common cold and other such sickness... I honestly don't recall the packaging ever saying it actually cured the common cold, and had I seen that, I would have laughed! NOTHING known currently "cures" the common cold, and people stupid enough to believe that there is deserve to be laughed at as well! From the very beginning of me using the product, I had heard MANY good things from others who had been using it concerning how well it seemed to help them fight off simple stuff like colds and flu, and having used it for several years, JUST for that purpose, I can absolutely say that it has always seemed to work quite well for me. Not because it "cures" a damn thing, but because the mixture of vitamins and herbs it is made of seems to help my body in its fight AGAINST such things. It HAS been FDA approved as a dietary supplement (otherwise it wouldn't be on the shelf to begin with), and that's just fine for me. Personally, I hope the company continues to offer it, because I'll absolutely continue buying it...whether or not it’s "proven" by science to help in any way... We already know that vitamin C helps the body fight off illness; Airborne has that. And the mixture of herbs it contains, developed by a woman who has STUDIED herbal remedies and their current applications, have been used to help fight illness for decades if not centuries. Folks, we've got to remember that pharmacies who'd rather push FAR more expensive prescription and over-the-counter drugs would GLADLY see these somewhat more holistic (and comparatively remedies go straight down the tube, whether they work or not! I have no doubt that such thoughts and motivations are behind this lame litigious move. It’s a shame that so many dolts are jumping on the “let’s sue somebody for a quick buck” bandwagon. I have less respect for that than some marketing idiot making the foolish mistake of claiming a product cures the common cold when it merely helps the body fight it off…

I still like the way it makes me feel in my throat when I drink airborn water. Guess it's the bubbles that calms my throat. But I guess I shouldn't be using this for cold medicine anymore...

The United States is so absolutely sue happy it's disgusting. Here is a product that while it may not be the miracle cure it touts itself to be, it does have some health benefits...such as antioxidants, and herbs that can nourish the body. So this company gets sued for this, AND LOSES!!! Yet companies like Coca Cola, and every other sugar laden poison peddler continue to kill people on a daily basis, and people are fine with it. SICK SICK SICK!!! They need an airborne for people's warped, a$$ backwards minds. Nuff said!

Airborne has worked for me and a lot of people I know. The times I have remembered to take it before flights, I have not gotten sick. I have also taken it when I feel a cold coming on and the cold never actually takes hold. So, I don't know what all the fuss is about. Furthermore, I can't believe people would go through all the effort of a lawsuit to get a refund for a $10 product!

Echinacea and Vitamin C do have a positive affect on your immune system... just do a google search and read up - or take a health class. So, if you find that you DO feel good when taking Airborne - that is valid!! I did a single google search and read how a country in Europe offers echinacea to people intravenously for specific infections (they don't currently offer this in the US). Maybe Airborne's claim came across too strong, but Echinacea is one of the core ways I use to support myself during a cold... but I try to get it in quality form, where it hasn't been processed (so it maintains it's integrity) - like organic echinacea tea or a tincture. Thanks for reading my post :) Nicole in Portland, OR

I'll still use airborne. I don't know if it can prevent you from getting sick, but I've done a little research on my own (ie - used the product) and it does seem to make the duration of illness shorter and actually makes me feel better after I take it (more energy, some temporary relief from general feeling of illness). Some may say that this is a placebo effect and if so, who cares? I don't.

I feel gypped! My husband always said it was B.S. I guess he gets the last laugh. Rest assured, I will not be purchasing any of the "new product lineup."

" If it sounds to good to be true it probably is "

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