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Top 10 Adventure Vacations

While the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower and St. Basil Cathedral are all must-see attractions, they're not exactly adventure vacations. But our top 10 adventure trip attractions will have you battling the elements and the outdoors instead of battling other tourists for elbow room. If you're looking for a challenge, try one of these top choice adventure destinations.

Galapagos Islands

Explore islands full of unique animals and species that gave birth to Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Boating, hiking, mountain biking and kayaking all give Adventure Travel Adventure Travel close-up encounters with flora and fauna that you won't find anywhere else in the world. The absolute best time to visit/ January and May, the wet season. Take this time to be the master of your own journey and avoid the standard cruise tours and excursions. Instead charter a private boat for the week and see where the waters take you.

Nile Cruise

When you think of a Nile Cruise, the word adventure really doesn't come to mind first. But who can resist a cruise along one of the world's most famous rivers. A Nile cruise will take you to some of the most historic attractions in Egypt including the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings. And don't think there isn't any action; the Nile can pose a lot of threats when boating, so find a good tour company that can keep you safe.

Great Wall of China

You can't have an adventure tour without visiting the Great Wall of China. Built to protect the Chinese Empire from attacks during the rule of successive dynasties, the Great Wall is over 4000 miles long and depending on where you start your trek, poses many threats. While some parts of the wall are very tourist friendly, other sections require more physical skill to maneuver. If you can handle it, try climbing the slopes up to Wangjinglou, one of Jinshanling's 67 watchtowers. But be careful, this section of the wall cradles the mountain ridge threatening to toss climbers right over the edge.

Norway's Fjords

Home to the second largest fjord in the world, a trip to Norway feels like a scene from the movies. Snowcapped mountains and crystal blue waters will make this destination one to return to for many years to come. For the full experience, avoid hopping on a giant cruise ship. Instead board one of the boats connecting the settlements along the fjord and get the take your time chartering the pristine waters and hiking the breathtaking peaks.

Great Barrier Reef

Scuba dive or snorkel side by side with Australia's colorful fish and aquatic life. Stretching 1,200 miles along the northeast coast, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world. Whether you prefer the safety of a glass bottom boat or swimming with Australia's ocean life, the Barrier Reef is something you won't want to miss.

Amazon Rain Forest

With 5.5 million kilometers of forest, a visit to the Amazon can be just another walk in the woods without the right tour guide. Book an experienced and eager guide and you'll find National Geographic-worthy adventures. Stay at a lodge along the offshoot streams and see what the jungle and waterways have in store for you.

Grand Canyon

We've all seen the Grand Canyon in pictures and on T.V, but if you haven't been here you don't know the true beauty the Canyon has to offer. What you don't see in pictures is the amazing colors and the contours of the spectacular peaks and the true size of the canyon alone. If you truly are as adventurous as you think, put aside a couple days to scale the canyon on foot. It takes about one day to climb down the canyon and another day to climb back up. If you're not afraid of heights and have the stamina to climb, the canyon is a great adventure trip.

The Sahara Desert

With miles of sand ahead of you, the Sahara Desert is roughly the same size as the U.S. and is growing each year. While an adventure here can take you on the hump of a camel to volcanic mountain ranges, a trip without a guide can lead to accidents or death. The Sahara is a death-trap, an adventure of a lifetime if you're up for the grueling elements.


We've all heard the saying that Iceland is green and Greenland is ice, but have you ever thought that Iceland might be the best place to explore? Bike through hills, climb the glaciers and horseback through the trails overlooking the quiet landscape and unspoiled seashores.

Mount Everest

If you think you have what it takes, Mount Everest is waiting for you. Every year thousands of men and woman journey to the mountain to scale to the top. While most only make it part way to the top, the breathtaking view from any peak makes this climb worthwhile. If you're serious about making this climb, know that the mountain has been mastered by people ranging from 15 years old to 70, blind and one-legged. With the right determination Mount Everest is your ultimate adventure attraction.

What's your ultimate adventure vacation?

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I agree Cathy. Turkey is a magiacl place. Its so cheap yet so great, always beautiful weather as well.

Hi Cyprus Chick I am ready to head back when you are... Happy 4th Cheers Cathy

This list makes me feel good. Great info. One of my sisters saw the Taj Mahal forty-years ago and still is in awe of it. Recently I visited for the first time the Eiffel Tower with my daughter who had seen it many times. Nice change, daughter showing mother. I was one of those kids making mud pies with spring's leaves and twigs rather than skipping rope with friends. So the Galapagos Islands is something that I wish I'd seen years ago. I suggest parents take children there ASAP due to climate change. My son last year visited China. So as mother I've a lot of tracks to fill. Romancegirl chickable.com

I love this out of the box list - The Nile is incredible and so is eqypt. To see the pyramids and to actually go inside them is unforgetable. Many locations on this list will now be added to my personal "places to see in my lifetime list" Thanks for this. Cheers Cathy - PS if I might be so bold as to suggest a place: Ephesus - Turkey - truely a magical place......

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