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Quebec’s Best Outdoor Wellness Spa

Nordik Spa's health by water & nature

Health by water dates back centuries to the ancient Romans and Turks who used water as a journey of cleansing, heating and cooling the body to promote wellness and relaxation. Modern outdoor spas put a twist on those ancient restorative practices with hot springs, mineral baths, and a range of contemporary water therapies from watsu to accu-pressure showers, reinforcing the vital, healing connection between water and health.

hot and cold pools design to stimulate relaxationPerched hilltop in Quebec’s Gatineau region (10 minutes from Ottawa), Le Nordik Spa’s relaxation options include hot, warm and cold pools, sauna’s, waterfalls and a breath-taking infinity pool – along with a full suite of massage therapies. Opened in late 2016, their Biergarden will offer stunning views of Gatineau Valley and the City of Ottawa and in seeming delayed, an underground “mud bath” treatment that was in the works would be an interesting addition.

Award winning for its innovations and level of service standards, Le Nordik is best experienced for a full day, giving yourself time to leisurely migrate through its thermal pools (hot, cold and temperate pools ranging from 45’F to 102’F), 8 unique saunas and their salt-water Kalla pool (an additional charge to the daily rate). You’ll also want to schedule a massage to add to your bliss.

Le Nordik water cycle

water treatments promote wellness and relaxationApparently, it takes a village to relax and Quebec’s Le Nordik Spa’s wave of relaxation offers a smorgasbord of water therapy options that are shared communally with other spa-goers. During our visit, we traveled from thermotherapy pools and saunas to an hour of massage, lounging in hammocks between each water session. While some visitors take the timed rotations seriously, others lounge in pools and around fireplaces. The attitude is free, easy and welcoming.

Le Nordik focuses on the practice of healing through water by suggesting clients alternate hot and cold pools, stimulating adrenaline and endorphins to detox, cleanse and induce relaxation. Nordik has 10 baths ranging in temperature from 45’F to 102’F, numerous sauna’s (dry, steam, aromatic, Finnish, Russian) and a soothing Canadian forest relaxation area with hammocks, lounge areas and wood burning fires to nestle around.

We recommend taking the cycle seriously (at least the first time) while giving yourself time to meander throughout the property in your robe, slowly settling into a state of comfortable relaxation.

Le Nordik Spa massages – a GG must-do!

Le Nordik massages are a great addition to your dayIncorporating a body (massage) treatment into the water cycle is a must-do (in our opinion) when it comes to finding your inner core of healing and relaxation. We added a couple’s massage to our day, soaking in the aromatic oils while our therapist’s hands nudged our muscles to release the last vestiges of stress.

Le Nordik Spa offers a range of massage techniques from California massage, to Swedish massage, Hot Stone massage (great in the winter), to specialty deep tissue and sports therapy massages. And remember to keep your receipt if your health insurance covers massages.

Le Nordik’s Kalla treatment

Nordik’s Kalla treatment is a rare and unique experience we highly recommend adding to your bucket list – a truly unique and amazing experience.

salt water pool of Le Nordik's Kalla treatmentImagine descending stone slab stairs to a dark, silent cavern hewn out of the strata’d Canadian bedrock. Your eyes slowly adjust to the minimal ambient lighting and as the pool reveals itself before you, stone pillars, candles and rock grottos trickling water greet your senses. As you look around the space, you begin to notice bathers serenely floating in the water. At first glance, you may think they’re dead bodies but then you realize they’re floating in complete silence and relaxation. And then you want that too.

Descend more stone steps into the water, slowly so as not to disturb the others. The salt water’s buoyancy (12% Epsom salts mixture matching the buoyancy of the Dead Sea) makes it almost impossible to sit. Lie back and your body pops right up to the surface – floating is guaranteed for everyone. Relax into the weightlessness of floating and as your ears rest just below the surface –  they delight in the simple soothing sound energy flowing through the water.

Epsom salts deliver Magnesium’s healing properties through your skin, boosting core elements most of us are lacking. The weightlessness of floating for 1 hour is comparable to the benefits of 3 hours of deep sleep. 

Knowing this is a unique experience rare to find on this planet, it’s a definite must experience on every level. And remember, in 2017, Le Norik’s subterranean mud baths, also hewn out of the bedrock, will be another must-experience to tease the senses.

Le Nordik experience

  • relax between pools firesideExpect to spend approx. $90 CAD per person per day (depending on the time of year) for the Thermal Cycle – arrive early and stay late, rinsing, soaking, relaxing. And repeating.
  • Massages start at approx. $120 for 60 minutes. Consider an upgrade to an outdoor wooden shelter with the soothing sounds of a waterfall in the background.
  • The Kalla treatment is available for $50 extra per person per day.
  • Robes and towels are included in the Thermal Cycle fee - bring sandals and a water bottle.
  • Meals are available on site with two chic restaurants, a tapas lounge and a coffee shop. No need to bring your wallet as charges are electronically tracked with your wristband and payment is wrapped up as you leave.

Canada’s Capital region of Ottawa / Hull has a rich cadre of experiences to make travelling to the area a long weekend adventure. The 10-minute ride up into the Gatineau Mountains on the Quebec side to the Nordik Spa is a definite full-day relaxation adventure to add to your itinerary. You will not be disappointed.

Le Nordik Spa has a great digital presence to give you the feel and experience of their property. Check them out online on Le Nordik's website, on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest to get a real flavour of their offerings.

Have you visited the Nordik Spa or another water therapy spa? We’d love to hear your recommendations and experiences. Drop a comment below, write us a guest post, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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