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GG Escape with a 2013 Ford Escape

"She said/He said" Ford Escape 2013 Review

A few weeks ago, our GoGirlfriend GGEscape took us north to the Algonquin wilderness and then 1,000 miles almost due south to High Point, North Carolina (with a luxury stop at the Lansdowne Resort and Spa in Leesburg, Virginia on the way home). While meandering through Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, we enjoyed the luxury of travelling in a 2013 Ford Escape (sponsored by Ford Canada).

our sponsor Ford Canadaour sponsor Ford CanadaTo give you an idea of why the 2013 Ford Escape was such a great vehicle for a road trip adventure, we've broken the reasons into a she said/he said run-down of the features. After 2,500 miles (4,000 km), I can say I (Mr. GoGirlfriend) am in love with that Ford Escape. And while Ms. GoGirlfriend doesn't always agree which are the best features, she's in agreement that this is one sweet ride.

"She said" 2013 Ford Escape Review

2013 Ford Escape courtesy of Ford Canada2013 Ford Escape courtesy of Ford CanadaIf you ask me, the Ford Escape 2013 is all about bringing sexy back. Who doesn't love to drive a stylish drive that's still practical enough to hold everything you need? Mr. GoGirlfriend, who was kind enough to let me go first, agreed that this is one good looking vehicle that's also highly versatile.

While the Ford Escape has plenty of room, power and sex appeal, my favorite features are all within reach of the steering wheel.

  • Blind spot indicator dot on the mirror. It lights up if there's another vehicle close by.
  • double moonroof on the 2013 Ford Escapedouble moonroof on the 2013 Ford EscapeDouble moon-roof and retractable sunroof for the brightness and wind-in-your-hair feeling
  • Heated seats and individual temperature adjustments for him and her
  • Adjustable ambient lighting with varying brightness and color choices
  • Driver customizable seat settings (programmable 1-2-3 different driver settings)
  • Touch-controls in the steering wheel for cruise, stereo and phone
  • Tailgate and kick-open access - touch close and full-hands kick sensor tailgate open

"He Said" 2013 Ford Escape Review

Ford Escape navigation consoleFord Escape navigation consoleI love to drive, which is good because I drive a lot for my family and my job. I found the 2013 Ford Escape created a great experience for the driver with all the controls stationed neatly in a wrap-around cockpit-style driver's seat. The integrated nav system, sound system, smart-phone connectivity and environment controls wove systematically together in the MyFord Touch console. The steering, handling and seat adjustments made 4,000 km (2,500 ml) an easy drive without any sore backside issues.

If you love a great driving experience, I suggest you check out the 2013 Ford Escape as a worthy contender. Here are my top 5 benefits that made the 2013 Ford Escape noteworthy:

  • MyFord Touch console pulling together the sound system, Nav system, phone SYNCH (by Microsoft) and temperature controls (with true touch access even with gloves)
  • Driver seating experience with fully customizable multi seat adjustments, heated leather seats, lumbar support, and steering wheel adjustments (up and down tilt with in and out adjustment settings)
  • explosive night driving brillianceexplosive night driving brillianceDriver experience with everything in direct view (multiscreen option for trip settings, cruise control, volume and phone controls on the steering)
  • Night driving experience - superb night headlamps and spectacular country lighting ..."explosive brilliance" in Algonquin country (I think we gave welders eye to two racoons we encountered!)
  • Multiple charging and input options for devices (USB slots, dual 12V and a 110V plug)

Additional features of the 2013 Ford Escape

loads of space in the Ford Escapeloads of space in the Ford EscapeWhile the 2013 Ford Escape is equipped with a load of other great features (efficient fuel economy, keyless entry, great cargo storage area), there were a few hidden gems we did not get a chance to truly try out ~ auto-parallel park assist option and voice control options, although they would be handy features if we had the car longer.

Whether you're a sports parent looking for that next city arena, visiting family a long distances drive away, or a style seeker that demands functionality too, the 2013 Ford Escape was a pretty sweet drive for the two weeks we test drove it. Thanks Ford Canada for the test drive ... Mr. GG loved the ride!

Our Ford Escape allowed us to tour through Loudoun County Wine Region and took us to the Lansdowne Resort, Spa Minerale and Golf. As a result, in partnership with Lansdowne Resort, we have a great contest for you to enter called "Celebrate Girlfriends with Lansdowne". Two nights, spa and meals provided ... enter for your chance to win!!

Do you have a great rental vehicle (or your own) that you really enjoy for the drive and while traveling, we'd love to hear other options worth checking out. Connect with us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook or drop us a comment!

To comply with the long list of regulating bodies, possibly even Geneva Conventions and in the interest of transparency, our 2013 Ford Escape was sponsored by Ford Canada, but the commentary and perspectives are those of Mrs. and Mr. GoGirlfriend.

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