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Desire Resorts Satisfy the Physical & Emotional

Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars

A vacation to an adult’s only destination can be a wickedly desirable inspiration for couples seeking to connect with each other in a lush, tropical, sensual environment. But it’s not for all couples.

sensual Desire Pearl poolsideMy partner and I have visited Desire Pearl and Desire Maya Riviera in Mexico and we can personally attest to intense physical and emotional experiences at both resorts. If you and your partner are anchored together and looking for spice and sizzle, prepare for vacation nirvana. If you’re struggling and looking for a way to fix your relationship, be wary. What rocks his boat isn’t always the same as what rocks hers and this journey from understanding to compromise to mutual bliss takes dedicated energy before, during and afterward.

The goddess Venus is beautiful, martians are weird

creating a sensual adults only vacationIn advance of our visit to the Desire resorts – clothing-optional, lifestyle resorts – we began exploring our boundaries and expectations for our readers on GoGirlfriend. Taking the time to communicate fears and excitement early on heated up our conversations and spurred a fun fantasy shopping adventure for thematic outfits (matching the nights’ themes) to make the most of the week’s experience.

As the vacation drew closer, I knew he was looking forward to the textile-freedom (and the views), the tropical heat and the thrill of teasing, dancing and being in each other’s space. He knew I was looking forward to the romance of the tropical cabanas on the beach, the long gourmet dinners, walking the shoreline at sunset and the textile-freedom of no tan lines. The more we talked, the more it felt like East meets West, Ying meets Yang or quite simply, Venus meeting Mars.

Desire celebrates no tan lines!First things first, both Desire Pearl and Desire Riviera Maya Resort's are clothing optional – nakedness is part of the landscape here. Couples openly enjoying sex with each other on a cabana is common. You both must be comfortable with the openness of sexuality of these resorts so talk it through and read as much as you can before you go. And remember that sex is only part of the equation. The goal here is to connect with each other on every level – spending together time on a beachside cabana, talking over long intimate dinners and teasing each other at the disco. Whether or not you’ll peek in or what you will or won’t do in the playroom is a discussion in and of itself…

The challenge of Venus & Mars

understanding different motivationsAs you start to talk, differences bubble quickly to the surface. Can you accept your partner’s enjoyment if s/he’s physically motivated by open nakedness? Can you accept that voyeuristic pleasures may appeal to him/her? Can you accept your partner’s enjoyment of emotional connection (if s/he likes long, conversational dinners, relaxation at the spa, beachside afternoons curled up together in a cabana)? More importantly, can you come together to enjoy a glimpse of your partner’s perspective? Can you revel in your new-found knowledge of each other and celebrate it?

take the time to enjoy research togetherIf you’re excited about the challenge of exploring what motivates your partner (physically and emotionally), Desire is your next best vacation. After a lot of discussion, my partner and I were ready to take on this challenge together – even though we were both very nervous. To be honest, we acclimated very quickly and focused on each other – always in tune with how the other one felt as we encountered a new situation. What we came home with was so much more than a great no tanlines tan. We came home with a new understanding of each other and the desire to continue the exploring!

Here are just a few of our favorite moments of visiting Desire in Mexico…

Desire Pearl Resort’s physical bounty (for Martians):

  • can you handle the physical?Clothing-optional relaxation … and the views!
  • Lush, tropical property with gorgeous seaside views
  • All manners of dress and undress at all points throughout the day
  • Sensual to sexual exploration where the mood hits
  • The Desire Spa and the sensual massage
  • All-inclusive adult beverages at the swim-up bar and Jacuzzi
  • Gourmet fare that satisfied us both physically and emotionally
  • Desire Theme nights, sensual costumes and dancing until the wee hours of the next morning
  • Moonlit naked walks on the beach!

Desire Pearl’s emotional beauty (for Venusians):

  • emotional connections build togethernessLong, relaxing, conversational dinners with gourmet fare and great wines
  • Blissful spa relaxation, scents, sounds and treatments
  • Romance of a beach bed on powder white sand in the tropical breeze being served our choice of drinks by attentive, friendly staff
  • Sumptuously luxurious rooms and suites with ocean views
  • Waves crashing on the shore throughout the night with our patio door open to the breeze
  • Dancing the night away in my lover’s arms
  • Time wholly devoted to the most important people on the planet – each other

Desire Pearl Resort and SpaA couple’s only vacation can be a delicious adventure to connect with your partner. Think of it as a meeting of motivations and exploring sensual togetherness in a decadently beautiful property. But remember, we don’t recommend this for couples who are on shaky ground and don’t take time to connect with each other before leaving home. A vacation here can change the landscape of your relationship and going in with your eyes wide open is the only way to ensure success.

If you’re ready for a new playground that’s very naughty and a lot of fun, tell them GoGirlfriend sent you.

To check out what Desire Resorts are all about … the naughty, the play, the awesome facilities … check out their many channels ~ Desire FacebookDesire on TwitterDesire on InstagramDesire promotionsDesire on YoutubeDesire Pearl on TripAdvisor … desire everywhere! Now also offering Desire Cruises!

Click through the 5 reviews of our personal experience while visiting the Desire Resorts – Pearl & Riviera Maya:

Are you motivated by venus-type or martian-type beauty? What rocks your boat? Do you know what rocks his? Let us know by dropping a comment below, on our GoGirlfriend Facebook page or chat with us on Twitter. We’d love your thoughts.

To comply with the long list of regulating bodies, possibly even Geneva Conventions and in the interest of transparency, our trip to the Desire Pearl Resort and Spa in Cancun was sponsored. Commentary and insights are those of GoGirlfriend.

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