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My Cancun Love Affair

Falling in love on the beach...

It started as an innocent press junket to Cancun for the weekend. Five days, two hotels and a beach that stretched out like the tail of a runaway kite. I kicked off my shoes (and stress and responsibilities), anticipating a fun weekend of getting up close and personal with Cancun.

falling in love in CancunFalling in love in CancunThen it happened - I fell in love. It wasn't the kind of pulse-racing cliff-dive into love of my teenage years, but rather a slow and steady overtaking. Like a solar eclipse on a sunny day, Cancun stretched itself across me and I, well, I submitted.

I'm eager to share my vacation love affair with you and I can't think of a better way to do it than through the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who would be a GoGirlfriend if she were around today...

How do I love thee, Cancun? Let me count the ways.

My first sip of loveMy first sip of loveCancun reminds me of a beautiful woman who commands attention with a bubbly laugh that unexpectedly fills the whole room. She's defined by her playful personality that can be as mischievous as a child - or as sultry as a lover.

Let me show you what I love most about Cancun (so far)...

Beaches that go on foreverBeaches that go on foreverBeaches that stretch across the horizon. I've split my time in Cancun between the JW Marriott and Casa Magna and every room boasts a uniquely intoxicating view of the beach. If you come here to work, prepare for delicious distraction.

spontaneous celebrationsSpontaneous celebrationsSpontaneous celebrations. Lunch at Yucatecan TikinChic, my toes wiggling in the sand while eating, a party broke out behind us on the grass. The band started playing and women started dancing, pulling their husbands (maybe lovers) onto their dance floor. They even took the tip jar around to the tables for the band. We should all celebrate life like this.

its the small thingsIts the small thingsLittle surprises. At the Casa Magna, I found this little decoration in the bathroom. Sweet, right?



Shopping on the beachShopping on the beach

Beaches that offer a shopping option. I love to bake my bones as much as anyone but sometimes it’s nice to combine that with a little outdoor retail therapy.


tequila, Mmmm!Tequila, Mmmm!Tequila tasting. An evening that begins with a lesson in how to drink to tequila is a gift. Unabashed enjoyment your only choice.

Miami Vice fun on the beachMiami Vice fun on the beach


More tequila. And rum... Prepare your liver for the workout of its life. From margaritas and a Miami Vice (my first one ever) on the beach to tequila and beer - adult-style hydration is the theme. All vacations should have a theme. 

Mexican wine tasting with LuisanaMexican wine tasting with LuisanaMexican wine. I feel like every restaurant I've ever been to has cheated me out of a delicious wine experience. We enjoyed no less than three bottles of this wine (from the oldest vineyard and winery in Mexico) but Luisana only vogued one for us.




resort swim up barsResort swim up barsSwim-up bars. Really, do I need to add anything to this picture? I thought not. Thank you Casa Magna for bringing the awesome to everything you do.



delicious creationsDelicious creationsIndulgence. Finishing an evening with just enough room left for desert is a glorious thing. And my deconstructed tiramisu at the JW Marriott? Divine.

La Habichuela SunsetLa Habichuela SunsetNew experiences. We found ourselves at the La Habichuela Sunset for our last meal in Cancun. For dessert, we ordered a Mayan coffee, which includes liquor found only in the Yucatan Peninsula – Xtabenton. The flame throwing was a beautiful finish to a beautiful evening.

Media tours are designed to whet your appetite, to tease you into craving more. The best ones inspire me to find a way to return for a personal trip, perhaps with my lover. It's a clever trick, sliding into the heart of a journalist to inspire her to write about a destination with passion.

Thankfully I'm a willing victim.

Cancun, you've stolen my heart and I'm happy to let you keep it safe for me - until I return again...

Have you been to Cancun? I'd love hear what stole your heart! Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook - and let's continue the conversation!

The Return of the Vacation Package from the Marriott

Go back to basics to the real meaning of a vacation. Lounge on the white sand beach, relax by crystal clear fresh water pools, pamper yourself at the spa or indulge in room service with a view, with their Vacation packages, which often includes: 

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 Rates for the Vacation packages start about $189 at CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort and about $269 at JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa. Packages range in expiries, so find one in your timing window. To book, please call 1-800-228-9290 or visit CasaMagna or JWMarriott. 

To comply with the long list of regulating bodies, possibly even Geneva Conventions and in the interest of transparency, our trip to Cancun was sponsored. Commentary and perspectives are those of GoGirlfriend.

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Great post and yes Cancun beaches are beautiful. I was there many long years ago. I avoid due to liking the more rugged and less built up areas - but with your post I may return. We love vacationing in Mexico - Cozumel and from there went to the mainland and toured. Lastest best place is Huatulco - hot and guaranteed no rain in February when we travel the most. It does appear to be slightly more expensive than we can find, but it is m ore luxurious. For a special trip it may be just the ticket!

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